Ditch Party Challenge: Help Us Help Others

Did you know the team behind the indie film Ditch Party makes school appearances led by Hollywood actor and producer Noel G?

What's more, you are invited to take our Ditch Party Challenge to get kids at your school talking in a special forum with Noel. Here's your chance and here's how:

1. Ask your school teacher or principal for permission to enter on behalf of your school (elementary, middle, high or college) to invite students to watch the film and critique it.

2. Submit your review to Amazon, Fandango, iTunes or IMDB.

3. Share your thoughts in at least 500 words -- by email or video -- to ringo@ditchparty.com citing the name of your school, your name and email contact information and post a picture of you with the #DITCHPARTY hashtag to at least one social media channel (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) as your entry to win. 

We are looking for your thoughts about the film, experiences with bullying and any ideas about how you can help end bullying and discrimination.

Ditch Party Movie ChallengeComplete the challenge and Noel G will make a special free appearance at your school -- in person or via video conference -- for a group discussion (aka Ditch Party) with all students who accepted the challenge. We'll talk  about bullying, staying focused and motivated, avoiding peer pressure & more.

Let's do this!

Where to Watch Ditch Party?
Buy a physical copy online here.
View on Amazon Prime or Fandango NOW.*
(Free with subscription, $2.99 to rent, $9.99 to purchase)