Psychological Thriller DITCH PARTY Released

A trio of American moving picture entertainment companies -- Entangled Entertainment, Hourglass Pictures, One Take Films -- behind the newly released indie psychological thriller DITCH PARTY venture where many other films do not. Ditch Party explores the dark realities and repercussions of bullying and school violence in a script inspired by such tragedies as the Columbine high school shootings and more.

Unflinchingly honest in its portrayal, Ditch Party follows a group of students who have received anonymous invitations to a 'ditch party' in the basement of their high school, only to find themselves trapped there when a rogue student seeking revenge for years of torment, turns the entire campus into a free-fire zone.

The indie thriller stars Daeg Faerch (The Accountant and Hancock), Noel Guglielmi (Fast and Furious 1 and 7, Training Day) and Marshall Hilton (Stressed to Kill, I Am Alone). Written by Richard Meese and directed by Rocky Costanzo, the one hour and 24 minute film further provides a platform for the principal, staff and students of Firebaugh High School of Lynwood California to gain valuable acting experience as extras and with speaking roles.

"There are few films that tackle this tough topic," says Costanzo. "We aimed to be honest and frank in our portrayal in order to reach teens in dramatic yet relatable ways."

Through this film, those behind Ditch Party hope young people will:
+ share their stories to prevent bullying
+ accept themselves and others
+ get help before problems worsen and lead to destructive consequences

Outside of his impressive career in Hollywood, first-time producer Guglielmi is devoted to improving the lives of young people. At speaking engagements across the United States, he shares this film and his personal challenges growing up in order to teach young people purpose, persistence, confidence and courage. To help end bullying through awareness and community support, Guglielmi uses the power of storytelling with candor and a sense of humor to motivate teens to think and engage for long-lasting, positive effects.

"Kids need to know they are never alone," says Guglielmi. "If you have questions or are struggling with any of the issues in Ditch Party, there are excellent resources ready to help from youth crisis lines or online."

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