Now on Blu Ray and DVD

Exclusive copies of Ditch Party -- the top rated teen thriller starring and produced by Noel Guglielmi -- announces its release on BluRay and DVD online for less than $20 each in addition digital download and viewing on Amazon, iTunes and Fandango.

Exclusive Noel Guglielmi autographed copies on Blue Ray or DVD are also now available here. 

Proceeds from all sales promote anti-bullying forums across America.

Hollywood actor Noel G (Fast and Furious, Bruce Almighty, Fresh Off the Boat, Training Day and hundreds more) speaks with kids across the country about non-violence and anti-bullying. He is using his foray film as a producer Ditch Party to give the film’s name fresh meaning. Instead of ditching school to party like the film's namesake and theme Ditch Party,  these forums offer a chance for young people to get together with peers and others who can help tackle issues together through open communication and get help if needed.

Noel G's own “Ditch Party” speaking engagements with associate producer Matthew King-Ringo use the film as a premise to spark discussion and have drawn kids from throughout East LA and Compton to Arizona.

The film is an indie production now online and at select retailers is earning positive reviews from teens and adults. 

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