2017 Special City of Compton Screening of Ditch Party

More than 500 teens in Compton California were invited to the Douglas F. Dollarhide Community Center to meet Hollywood actor and Ditch Party producer Noel G (Fast and Furious, Training Day, Fresh Off the Boat and hundreds more) to talk about his experiences, about standing out not fitting in and more to motivate and inspire them and good decisions now for later in life.

The event was hosted by the City of Compton Parks and Recreation which also offered a free screening of the psychological thriller as reported by NBC Nightly News.

Outside of his impressive career in Hollywood, Noel G is devoted to improving the lives of young people. He shared his challenges growing up to teach purpose, persistence, confidence and courage to young people in the community.

To help end bullying through awareness and community support, Noel uses the power of storytelling at schools across the country. His celebrity and sense of humor get teens thinking and engaged for long-lasting, positive effects.

Through the film and forums like this Noel hopes young people will:
+ share their stories
+ accept themselves and others
+ get help before problems get worse.

“Young people must know they are never alone,” he says. “If you are behaving badly yourself, have questions or are struggling with any of the issues in Rocky Costanzo’s film, there are excellent resources here in Los Angeles, nationwide and online ready to help."

Need help?
Go online to resources like ditchthelabel.org.

Thanks to, OC FLOW,  Carlos Azucena and Media Kitty for on-site support for this event.




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