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This movie is more than what the trailer sells. It's not just a shoot 'em up movie. There is an underlining message. 

Andrew Turlo

We need more movies like this, we need this type of raw awareness. This was so real and on point with what our kids are going thru now.


This movie packs a powerful punch to the gut and its behind the scenes peek into the graphic, brutal and heart wrenching events that are ripped from the headlines keeps you on the edge of your seat once the action gets going. 


Making News

From LA to the UK, Ditch Party's story is being told.

Meet the Cast

The talent talks about their personal experiences with issues Ditch Party raises.

The Making and the Meaning

Explore behind the scenes and be part of the Ditch Party cause.


"Well written, talented cast."

Ditch Party Redefined

A ditch party -- when students skip school to party, drink or get high -- provides more than a dramatic setting for this film thriller. Because of the film and its storyline, the ditch party concept became a catalyst for positive change.

Film makers are turning the term on its head, claiming it as a chance to get kids together, talking, addressing issues and getting help where it's needed. A new form of "ditch party" is taking shape at school assemblies, online and more led by actor and producer Noel G and friends.

Every view and purchase helps fuel opportunities for teens and young people. Thanks for your support to turn the term around.


Support from the City of Compton, CA

More than 200 teens were invited to a free Ditch Party screening and Q+A with Ditch Party actor and producer Noel G.  The event drew the attention of CBS Channel 4 News. Invite us to your community, school or club. Here's how. 

Ditch Party at Schools to Soccer Clubs

Chevrolet and the American Youth Soccer Association in Orange County welcomed the film's creators to share information about anti-bullying, positive choices and more during a fun-filled afternoon with prizes and more. Bookings and screening enquiries welcome. Be in touch. 


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